Spirit. Life. Art.

About Me

My work is both expressionistic and painterly. I celebrate the medum of acrylics, using it to evoke emotion in the viewer.

Inspiration comes through my observation of humanity and my desire to translate my understanding through the use of living things. When I utilize living creatures there can be a spiritual connection as well through an association with their intelligence, wit and or social dynamics.

My story, is simple.  I’ve always loved art, always loved to tell stories and ‘do” love to see people smile. If you put those three loves in a bowl and give them a good shake, you will come up with what I do. I started off at the early age of 17, one of the youngest entrants accepted into Ontario College of Art at the time. This young, protected, farm girl decided that marriage and romance beat out big city living ,so twenty years of seasoning followed, two wonderful children, lots of moving and living on the west coast were included in this mix .janice 2014

Time was passing so I renewed my contract with Ontario College of Art by resubmitting my resume with a drafted plan for a motorcycle footrest that I designed myself!   I was in and ‘Back’ and very proud to proclaim my graduation finally in 2005 in Design .   It took two more years of painting before I tentatively showed my first set of paintings and started applying to juried shows and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve won over 15 awards in 10 years. The most prestigious being the Charles Titcombe Award by the Ontario Society of Artists, chosen by Charles Titcombe himself. (he was in his 90’s and painted with the Group of Seven). He passed away shortly afterwards. I was the first person to get this award and the only one selected by Charles himself! Im also quite proud of the fact I did the Royal Winter Fair Poster in 2015.

The ImpressionistS, Group of Seven, Diebenkorn, Alice Neel and Winslow Homer are my inspiration. Exposure to other artists, and galleries as well as great teachers have helped me keep to my goals.